Tuesday, March 3, 2009

X-Rated Webcams

Well, at the very least, that heading should drive up the traffic statistics on the blog...

'In the spring autumn a young man's alpaca's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.' No question, Tennyson was definitely writing for the Northern Hemisphere and he never gave a moment's thought to camelids.

Yes folks, it's mating time here at the Prados herd, hormones are ruling everything and the paddocks echo to the gentle sounds of 'orgling' boys.

Last weekend was the peak of activities with, at one point, each one of our four certified boys, Drifter, Choco, Iquique and Colin the super-suri, working at the same time (hence the images on the webcam)

Then on Sunday, it was down to Softfoot to introduce one of the girls to the amazing Softfoot Corroboree (http://www.softfoot.com.au/Pages/Corroboree.htm) - now there's a fleece to aim for.

We tend to like late summer-early autumn births here. Although, in the traditions of all best laid plans, it hasn't worked out that way so far...


  1. Nice one Perry, I see it seems to have cooled down over there. We are looking forward to the 'mating season' which will begin here in May. We took most of our girls through the winter to reset the clock for spring birthing.

    Thanks for the comments about the Futurity results, I'm still smiling.

  2. Now......human intervention may rule, however these planned arrivals never go to plan. They arrive when there good and ready ! and thats just nature for you, we think we are in control, but mother nature is the true ruler !!...we humans should have learned that by now !!.....all the best for your future new arrivals....Jayne

  3. I take issue with the description, the *gentle* sound of orgling;-)! Ours are anything but gentle - and you should hear Acchiles the llama who mated our llama girls. Oh my god....!

  4. ooops, that should be Achilles!