Sunday, March 8, 2009

Old dog, new tricks...

Halters.... You've got to love 'em.

I've been whinging for some time now about alpaca halters. If they fit well, they look horrible and the ones that look good for shows never seem to be a good fit. So, with the aid of the internet, I've been teaching myself basic leatherwork.

Here's the first attempt...

And, as modeled by Puck who it was made to measure for...

Could be a whole new market.


  1. Well done, looks great. I have so many different sizes yet still have one girl who never seems to get a halter to fit her nicely. It doesn't help that she hates to walk on a lead!!

  2. Leather is more special than fancy-coloured materials, I think. Well done!

  3. Well I say........very smart indeed...I can see a new market there !!

    Looks the business and classy, what more do you need one compliments the other !!

    You will stand out in the crowd!...Jayne