Sunday, April 14, 2013

How lucky can you get?

So, there we were, a quiet Sunday morning (ok, maybe not that quiet) of matings, Most of the stud boys are waiting their turn in the shearing shed, three are out working in the yards and Colin the suri (who doesn’t play well with the other boys is round the back in the old sheep pens).

I’m just going to get another of the boys out when there are a series of cracks that sound like gunfire. James shouts ‘Get out of the shed… Run!’ So I do.. The gunshots have now turned into something that sounds more like an explosion as a 25 metre pine tree starts to fall toward us from the road outside.


It takes out one of the few new fences we have, crushes some of the pens and just misses Colin, who is currently a fairly stressed alpaca…



Thankfully, it just misses the shed and there are no injuries. Turns out that the tree has been eaten all the way through by borer beetle and its centre was largely sawdust.

As the tree was on the roadside, hopefully the council are going to come to the party to help with the damage and the clear-up.

At the moment I’m more concerned about the trees closer to the house. I think we’ll have to have them all inspected fairly quickly…

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Uses for a quad bike #127

The birthing station…

2013-01-18 13.19.12

Problem solved.