Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rain Rain Rain!

It's finally raining!

Now, I know this will mean very little to readers in Europe, but for us here at chez Prados, it's a major event. There have been a few little showers, but we've had no serious rain since August last year. The paddocks are almost dust bowls and the feed bill is going through the roof - our fussy alpacas are not that keen on the meadow hay we cut last year so we've had to buy in lucerne and wheaten for them.

It's all we can do not to run out and dance in the garden.

While we didn't quite do that, the temptation to take out the camera was too great.

Prados Friar Franc1s (Frankie)

Frankie's two months old now and has never experienced rain before - he really is as confused as he looks in the picture.

Nice weather for ducks

We don't use pesticides or other chemicals on our veggie plot, just alpaca poo as fertaliser and a pair of Indian Runner ducks for 24/7 slug and snail patrol.


Is there anything in the world quite as pathetic as a wet Suri?


  1. I'm pleased you have got some rain, thankfully we have some sun today although there was a very keen frost this morning so still a while before the grass starts growing! At least we have dried out under foot.

  2. Glad you are all getting wet Perry, hopefully you will get enough rain to get everything growing.

    I am sitting here watching it snow heavily, again. Spring soon though!

    You are right nothing looks as pathetic as a wet suri.

  3. I bet it was nice to feel the rain drops !! pitter patter....especially after that wait August !!...

    We here in Scotland are sloshing about in 1 foot of mud......waiting for the place to dry up !...sometime....can't wait to get onto the fields to dig the POND !...I think I too might have some ducks!!..I would love some visiting swans...theres some down on a neighbours pond...they might come visiting.

    I bet the animals also enjoyed the rain, even your wet suri!..Jayne

  4. Wow! Our alpacas look like that most days what with all the drizzle and wet snow..... we are amazed when they are dry and fluffy. Enjoy it while it lasts. Love the ducks! Our chooks are also on slug and snail patrol - we've been digging molehills up and the ex-batts have been loving their first gardening session!