Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Suri vs. Bramble Patch

We just had to share this...

At the back of our plot of land is an old marble quarry. Overgrown with gorse and brambles it's been on the to-do list for a major clean-up exercise since we moved here just over three years ago.

While Sarah and I were away at the weekend on the show course, James and Alice started the makeover with machete and shredder...

They worked hard and cleared a lot of the overgrown mess. Of course, that means that it's now accessible to curious alpacas.

Specifically, to Lysander, the curious suri...

If you've never tried getting blackberries out of suri fleece, let me take this opportunity to advise against trying it out for yourself. It's certainly the end of his show career for this year. Iwouldn't mind so much if he didn't look so proud of himself


  1. Just typical......he's got that 'who me' look about him....I wonder where those came from.......thats what a really 'BAD HAIR DAY' looks like.......Jayne