Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well, James, Alice and I (Sarah) leave early tomorrow (Friday) for AlpacaFest in Werribee just outside Melbourne. We will be off about 7am and expect to arrive about 6pm. This will be the largest show we have entered so we are not sure what to expect. Rounding up and loading in the dark is always fun but a least we have no rain due so they will be traveling dry this time.

We are taking Puck, Lulu and Gypsy who have been a very successful part of our show team. This time Goldie is having her first outing. She is a full older sister to Gypsy and half sister of Lulu. So fingers crossed.

Drifter is saving himself for later in the show season and Chorus Girl has now been retired from the showteam, she did not really like playing showgirl.

Puck has had a difficult decision to make. What part of the float does he have, front window or back of the float. He decided on the back of the float in the end with a coat as he doesn't like the draft (he usually gets Drifter to sit on the door side). His reasoning is every time we stop he can stick his head out the window and attract the attention of passers-by. Plus get titbits to eat.

Perry will be holding the fort. Amealia still requires feeding at least twice a day and Perry is in the middle of one of his study modules so he has decided to stay behind.