Sunday, May 3, 2009

Well, that's another module of study out of the way, so I thought 'here's the opportunity to get back to some blogging for a month before the next one starts' - Studying is much harder than I remember.

And then...

You know what they say about best laid plans and all that... The module finished on Wednesday; on Thursday we get a call from Canterbury hosptal in the UK to say that my father is very ill and on Friday I'm on a plane to London.

While I'm here, I see on the BAS site that it's the South of England show this long weekend - if anyone reading this is going on the Monday and you see a fat bloke in a Prados Alpacas shirt being nosy - come and say hello.

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  1. Hi Perry,

    If you pick this up in time. Les will be there with Leanne and our tiny show team of just two. Say Hi to her if you get a chance....