Tuesday, May 5, 2009

South of England Show

Many thanks to everyone who welcomed me or said hello today at the South of England show. I had a good time and it was a great chance to have a look at the quality (and size!) of some of the animals there.

It was particularly impressive to see Suris being judged with a year's growth against fully fleeced animals without being disadvantaged.

It's not been one of the best of weeks but this made a great break.

Things I've found so far that I've missed about England:
  • Decent beer
  • Cod and chips
  • Everything being close to everything else
  • France
Things I don't miss:
  • Church bells at 4am (why???)
  • Crowds
  • Traffic
  • The whinging and complaining in the papers
Thanks again folks and, Sara from Appledene - go on... type a message here or on Rob's blog. Before you know it you'll be writing one of your own!



  1. Sorry I wasn't there in person to see you Perry, Les said you had quite a chat. It must feel strange being back in Blighty. Hope things are alright with the family.



  2. Thanks Rob,

    It was good to put some names to faces. The quality of the top white huacayas was right up there with what we see at home and some of the suris were probably better than we usually see at state shows.


  3. Oh, my, your photos are lovely.