Thursday, January 22, 2009

Signature range

In Debbie's alpaca blog the other day, Debbie mentioned the advantage of being able to show a buyer of alpaca products the animal that the fleece came from.

I couldn't agree more, so I thought I'd share our approach:

We've found this to be a very popular idea with customers - they just love being able to associate the product with a specific alpaca.


  1. Good idea.

    We sell yarn that comes with a tag describing the originating alpaca, and some information on that alpaca, such as when it was born, fleece statistics, and so on.

    Customers love it!

  2. Hi Perry,

    What a very nice touch...makes the gift extra special....Jayne

  3. I sell quite a few of my products on Etsy (it's sort of like a handmade EBay) and always include a blank card and envelope of the alpaca that donated the fiber. Purchasers love it. Here's my shop -