Monday, January 5, 2009

Here we go again....

So ends 2008 and a new year begins...

I've tried this blogging lark before but, despite the best intentions I always find myself running out of enthusiasm after something like the third or fourth post, there always seems to be something so more interesting or important to do. After all, why sit at a keyboard typing when there's a paddock full of alpacas outside who would much rather I sat with them (as long a I bring a bunch of grapes and a beer with me to share).

So, here goes. We'll see if I have the patience to keep things going a bit longer this time.

The idea is to share some of the highs and lows (very few lows so far) of running a small alpaca farm in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia with anyone who is interested.

Let's see how it goes...


  1. I'm interested !!!! you better keep up the blogging lark !! I would love to read about your life in Australia and you don't run out of steam this time !....I know sitting out in the field is wonderful, but share it with us in England(or should I say shearer comes from Australia...he's great !.We look forward to seeing him every year !)...Jayne

  2. No promises, but I'll give it a go.
    There are a lot of Aussies who spend some of our winter shearing in Europe - including one who for the rest of the year is the biggest alpaca breeder in Australia with over 1000 animals on his property

  3. What an excellent life-style. Hope you catch the Blogger Bug, just like the Alpaca Bug !!We too look forward to our new arrivals this year, but we are late this year, so we will have to wait until Sept!..seems miles away !I don't think I'll ever have that many, its a very slow , but very rewarding process, theres something quite magical about alpacas !