Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We're still here

I have to apologise for the lack of posting but things have been busy here. We have had 2 shows since we last wrote Colourbration in Victoria and the Royal Adelaide Show. Gypsy, Puck and Goldie did their usual, Best Brown and 1st places. We took Colin our Brown Suri stud male to Colourbration it was his first outing for nearly a year, he managed a second place. We took an all Prados team to the RAS a first for us, we had an unplaced white, we weren't surprised by that but we were surprised when Beatrice got a 2nd place as looking at the competition we thought we would be unplaced.

We are continuing to work with our vet to discover why Choco died, the results on his heart and lung were not that helpful so we are now awaiting blood results from 10 of the animals. The results suggested toxic plants but the plants mentioned do not grow in this area or Selenium and Vitamin E deficiency. We regularly give AD&E so vitamin E is unlikely and Selenium is in the pellet they have. As you can imagine we are keeping a close eye on all the herd.

We are luck to have a botanist/zoologist living next door to us, she has walked the paddocks with me and there is nothing out of the ordinary there. And on Sunday I have an alpaca breeder who knows all there is to know about what alpacas can, can't and shouldn't eat coming to walk the paddocks. Our biggest concern is the same thing happening to another animal and still not knowing how to prevent it.

We will keep you updated.

Perry and I are looking forward to a break in New Zealand later in the month. We are going to the NZ National, we are interested to see the animals. Plus we will have a tour around the local area.



  1. Nice to read that you are still here !...blogging. Hope you manage to solve the mystery surrounding Choco. Sounds like you are doing all you can, but I can understand how worried you must be....Jayne

  2. Hope you find out about the Choco mystery. We've had inconclusive pm results too and it is very annoying. We got our herd blood tested and the selenium and vit levels were fine.