Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jab time and going quiet

Before long, we're going to have to invest in a gun to do the injections with. I'm not sure of the point at which it makes economic sense to throw away the syringes, but I think we must be close, I know the queue at jab time is getting longer and I think it's probably kinder to the animals - there's always at least one that jumps and bends the needle.

We routinely give ADE vitamins and 5 in 1 vaccination twice each year to each of our adults. The 5 in 1 is recommended primarily to protect against clostridial diseases and the twice yearly regime seems to be the average over here

First shift of patients waiting for the needle.

Well, That's the first month of blogging. It's been an interesting experience so far and finding out that there is a small but active alpaca blogging community out there has been a revelation - thank you all for your support and encouragement.

There are so many things that I want to write about, but posting frequency will probably reduce (but not stop!) over the next couple of months. It's study time - I'm currently working part-time on a masters, 8 weeks on, 8 weeks off, 20 hours per week during module time and the next module is just starting. That leaves very little time for anything else. But who knows? I may even be able to talk Sarah into the occasional post...


  1. Perry
    Good luck with your masters, but when you fancy a change of Chatter....remember the blog.... Jayne

  2. Thanks folks...

    Rolf, it's not very exiting I'm afraid - Information Systems Management