Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still here...

I am a very lax blogger....

The frustrating thing is that there are so many things I want to post about...

Alpaca auctions, baby's that can't decide what colour they are, the National show in October, National alpaca week in May, my take on Debbie's poo bricks, putting nutrients back into the land, over-feeding, the mysteries of fibre testing, spinning leftover neck fleece....

The list goes on...

I'm just not getting the time (or, more likely, I'm not organised enough).

So, for the time being I'll just share one of the most time consuming jobs.

We've been redeveloping the South Australian regional website (www.aaasa.com.au), it's been a major body of work and phase one has been live now for about three weeks.

The next stage is the release of member functions - classified adverts and certified male listings.

I'm hoping that I can get Sarah to do some posts - she's organising the regional participation in National Alpaca week


  1. Perry,
    We are in Oz in October, when is the national show, I can't seem to find a date?

  2. Hi Mark,

    8th - 11th here in Adelaide. Does that fit in?

    You'll be more than welcome and, if you want some farm visits set up please let me know.

    Needless to say, if you have a spare evening I'll open some red and put a spare suri on the BBQ...

  3. Now Perry you know you can't eat suri they are to stringy!


  4. Hopefully Mark there should be more information on the website soon regarding the National Show.
    I will try and let you know as soon as it is written. Yes I am involved with the National Show for my sins.


  5. Unfortunately we don't land in Sydney until the 12th, shame.

  6. Thanks for the offer Perry. We haven't finalised plans yet, but strewth it's a big place!.

    How far are you from Melbourne?