Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our best show - ever!

Still catching up on the news…

Back to October. Strathalbyn Show – A reasonable sized country show, well supported by South Australian breeders, just under 200 animals.

We took a small team along, including two animals making their show debut. Another first for us, light fawn and white rather than our usual darker colours. Eau Sauvage is one of James’s, a really nice boy with an ultra-fine fleece (13-point-something average micron), he was just over the minimum 6 months so he’s just starting off and Spock, he’s an adult that we’re about to certify; we’ve not shown him before because he has a tiny bit of colour contamination on his head, but he’s just getting better and better so it had to be worth a try.

First up was James with Eau Sauvage.


He takes Junior light fawn male and then goes on to win junior male champion.

Later Sarah takes in Spock…


He does the same – Adult white male, then champion adult male.

At this stage I seem to lose the ability to take photos…

Before we know which way is up it’s the grand champion line-up. Eau Sauvage, Spock and the intermediate champion male are called forward and, after 5 of the most nerve wracking minutes of my life, the big ribbon goes (drum roll) to Eau Sauvage…

Nearly a month later and we still can’t quite believe it – two champions and our first Grand Champion.

We opened a very nice bottle that evening…


  1. Many is the most amazing feeling getting that big ribbon...sounds very well deserved with those stats! Both boys look the biz!