Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mine’s a Guinness

Just a very quick post. Life’s a bit on the busy side at moment.

Let’s see, since I last wrote…

I’ve started a new day job this week with ICT Strategy at Premier and Cabinet.

I’ve been appointed to the board as a director of the Australian Alpaca Association.

It’s the first show of the season this weekend (and the Royal Sydney in 2 weeks’ time).

And it’s impossible to take two steps in the paddocks without falling over another baby alpaca.

But, the Irish blood in me (from Co Waterford), couldn’t let the day go past without posting something silly.

St Patrick's Cria

Have a good St Paddy’s day!


  1. Congrats on the appointment and the masses of crias :-)

  2. Ah....lets hope that the luck of the Irish follows you...and your alpacas, into a great year !.....I hope that's not permanent !!...Jayne

  3. That's fab...good to see your appointment has not caused you to loose your sense of humour...well not yet!...Congratulations!

  4. Nice one, well done. Seriously though what colour were the parents? I'm guessing there was a grey involved?